Onderdirecteur Internationale Samenwerking

I  Education


1.1 Anton de Kom University of Suriname

      Doctoral degree in Law School, July 28, 1998

      Thesis: Overt violence

      Performing title: Master of Laws

      Qualified for promotion


1.2 Pre-University Education

       VWO (High School II)

1.3 Moodcourt training, Anton de Kom University

1.4 Diplomatic training course in Canberra, Australia August to    

      September 2010.


II Brief overview working experience


November 1, 1995

Employed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as desk officer at the Department responsible for European Affairs.

1998-2000: Acting Head of the Department responsible for European Affairs.

2000-2001: Head of the Department responsible for European Affairs.


  • Participation at the 55th UN General Assembly (Millennium Summit)
  • Participation in training "Chile and the Caribbean region"
  • Member Renewal visa regime
  • Member Remigration committee
  • Member BEU Commission (Limitation Export version)
  • Secretary Boundary Commission Suriname-Guyana



Second Secretary, Embassy of Suriname, Brussels, responsible for work in the area of ​​development cooperation, international relations (both bilateral and multilateral) and sustainable development.

More specifically:

  • Belgium bilateral \ federal
  • relations between Suriname and the Flemish Council for Education

    and Technical Assistance (VVOB)

  • ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly
  • Within the ACP responsible for political issues, sustainable development, rice, the

    ACP Council of Ministers meeting etc.

  • Twinning Suriname, Antwerp, Kortenberg, Antwerpen.
  • EU-Latin American-Caribbean dossier (EU-LAC)
  • Also responsible for consular affairs
  • from 2003-2005 also in charge with the daily financial

   Administration of the Embassy.

  • Participated in the Fourth EU- LAC Heads of State meeting in Austria (2006), the

   Fifth EU-LAC Heads of State meeting in Peru (2008), and the Sixth EU-LAC Heads      

   of State meeting in Madrid (2010). Several EU-ACP parliamentary meetings in

   Ethiopia, the Netherlands, Italy, Rwanda, Angola, Congo and Guyana.


July 1, 2012:

Mutated at Headquarters, Position: Head of the Department responsible for European Affairs, bilaterally and multilaterally.


  • Participation in the 7th ACP Heads of State meeting in December 2012, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea
  • Participation in the 7th EU-CELAC Heads of State meeting and the 1st CELAC

            Heads of State meeting, in January 2013, Santiago, Chile

  • Participation in the 99th ACP Council of Ministers Meeting, June 20014, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Participation in the 7th ACS Summit, June 2016, Havana, Cuba
  • Secretary Integral National Boundary Commission


1st of February 2018-present:

Deputy Permanent Secretary International Development Cooperation


  • Secretary National Border Commission.
  • Secretary Working Group Management Maritime Zones
  • Member of the Bi-national Working Group on the construction of the new ferry



III Personal


  • Very good knowledge of Dutch and English,

    reasonable knowledge of Spanish.

  • Limited knowledge of French
  • Knowledge of Words
  • Good communication skills
  • Has a result-oriented attitude
  • Is a creative go-getter and stress resistant
  • Is a conceptual thinker
  • Has perseverance.