Albert R. Ramdin, Ambassador (Ret.)

Paramaribo - Suriname





Our focus must always be on people, progress and ultimately, prosperity. These goals can be achieved through more strategic partnerships. We cannot work in isolation and expect any of our successes to be sustainable.”


Ambassador Albert R. Ramdin

Summit of the Americas - 2009



Executive Summary:


Ambassador Albert Ramchand Ramdin has over 20 years of experience in international negotiation, multilateral diplomacy, development assistance, public policy development and execution, strategic trade and business facilitation, project management, fundraising and key expertise in competitiveness.


He has worked on institutional reform and restructuring at government, non-government levels and in the private sector to achieve tangible solutions and results. He has an extensive network of contacts with highest and relevant levels of Government, private sector, civil society and institutions in the Americas.


Since ending his second term at the Organization of American States he returned to his country of birth, the Republic of Suriname, to contribute to the further development of the country. In that regard he has advised the then new Minister for Foreign Affairs on a multitude of strategic policy matters, and subsequently joined the private sector with an internationally operating USA based mining company.


He has been involved in several activities then as well, ranging from the contributions to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, chair of the mining Group in the Trade and Business organization as well as in support of the political party VHP, Progressive Reformist Party.




Positions, Experience and Expertise:

16 July 2020 - present: Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Business and

International Cooperation of the Republic of Suriname




April 2016 – 2020: Sr. Director External Relations Newmont Suriname

August 2015 - April 2016: Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic


July 2005 - July 2015:        Assistant   Secretary   General   of   the   Organization   of

American States

Key Portfolio and Responsibilities:


As Assistant Secretary General of the world’s oldest hemispheric multilateral body the Organization of American States (OAS), Ambassador Ramdin was one of two elected officials. He was first elected to office in a majority vote by OAS Member States in 2005 and re-elected by acclamation for a second term in 2010.


Secretary to the Permanent Council:


Secretary  and  key  advisor  to  the  rotating  Chair  of  the  Permanent  Council.  Provided advice, guidance to Chair and worked with member states to resolve conflict or find solutions to specific challenges.


Principle Advisor to the Secretary General:


Holding the second highest elected position in the organization, Ramdin served as the principle advisor to the Secretary General on all issues.


OAS Public Policy & Cooperation:


Responsible for the co-ordination of the OAS public policies and engagements with international and regional agencies, including but not limited to the United Nations, the European Union, the African Union, the Commonwealth, CARICOM, SICA and others. Responsible for negotiations of MOU’s with agencies including the Business Council of Latin America, the Arab League and similar entities.


International Conferences and Meetings:


Directly responsible for the planning, organization, funding and implementation of major international meetings, assemblies and conferences involving heads of state, heads of government, ministerial delegations.







Public Private Partnerships:


Lead responsibility for facilitating and developing new strategic public private partnerships at a global, hemispheric, regional and sub-regional level on behalf of the OAS and OAS Member States, by working with multi-national corporations, conglomerates and governments, small and medium sized enterprises. Prepared the cooperation agreement between the Latin American Business Council (CEAL) and the OAS.


Private Sector Forum of the Americas, (General Assemblies OAS):


Responsible for facilitating meetings of global captains of industry, Ministers of Trade, Economy and Commerce and Heads of Government to discuss economic growth, opportunities and challenges to trade, competitiveness and investment.


Initiated a new dimension to the portfolio: bringing together Chairmen and CEOs of the largest corporations in Central America and the Caribbean, to explore opportunities for trade, investment, partnerships and co-operation.




Chair of the Inter Departmental Working Group on Youth, responsible for the Youth Conference of the Americas. Also, responsible for the oversight of Model OAS events bringing together hundreds of university students from countries across the Hemisphere.




Led and coordinated all OAS efforts in Haiti on a political, economic and social level. Chairs the Haiti Task Force coordinating all programs, projects and activity in Haiti; Chair of the Group of Friends of Haiti in Washington, DC, which brought together all Member States, observer countries, international agencies, partner organizations, civil society and NGO representatives. Lead negotiator in resolving political conflict in Haiti. Led stability and recovery efforts before and after the earthquake of 2010. Personally, Ramdin raised over quarter million US dollars to benefit schools in Haiti, through the hosting of his private charity initiative, “Celebration of the Spirits of the Americas.”


Development Assistance:


Negotiated  on  behalf  of  the  Secretariat  and  Member  States  to  facilitate  project development and financing to assist emerging economies, specifically projects providing support to SMEs, including investment master plans, investment sourcing, trade facilitation and other development mechanisms. Vice-Chairman of the Board of the Pan American Development Foundation.





Climate Change, Natural Disasters, Energy:


Responsible  for  coordinating  the  disaster  response  mechanism  among  partners  and within the Inter-American system. Also responsible for working with external agencies and  the  private  sector  to  monitor,  support  and  develop  projects  aimed  at  raising awareness about climate change, natural disasters and renewable energy. Designed and launched the informal meetings of the Group of Friends on Natural Disaster and Climate Change Awareness with Member States of the OAS.


OAS Highlights & Achievements


  • First Ever Official Private Sector Dialogue with The Permanent Council: Solely responsible for organizing and facilitating the first ever private sector dialogue with the Permanent council of the OAS. This activity brought together the leading private business executives from North, South, Central America and the Caribbean, to engage in the first official discussion on public private partnerships at the Permanent Council of the OAS.


  • Private Meeting of CEOs of Central America & Caribbean: Ramdin was responsible for creating the first ever private meeting of top CEOs of Central America and the Caribbean, to address issues of productivity and competitiveness, facilitate trade and resolve barriers to investment, including tax disincentives and visa restrictions. Tangible results have been produced, and an official publication from ECLAC was created on this initiative.


  • First ever Americas-Africa Business Forum at the OAS: Ramdin was responsible for bringing together for the first time, top representatives of the private sector of Africa and top representatives of the private sector of the Americas, as well as Trade Ministers and Heads of Government from both regions, to discuss further and new opportunities for trade, the strengthening of trade policies and potential investment and partnerships.


  • Caribbean Debt Restructuring Meeting: Partnered with an international foundation, leading private sector representatives within the Caribbean, and government officials to host a private 2-day meeting on debt restructuring options.


  • Restructuring & Repositioning of the OAS: Responsible for more direct and efficient communication strategies with heads of government and key stakeholders, on financing strategies.


  • ‘Greening’ of the OAS: Responsible for reducing paper consumption at OAS General Assemblies by up to 95%. It has resulted in significant cost savings, and a “greener environment.”


  • Proposal for an Inter-American Institute on Education: Authored proposal presented to Member States, to coordinate education initiatives, projects and programs within the Inter American system, to benefit OAS Member States.




  • Co-convener of the Inter American Task Force on NCD’s: Worked with Member States and PAHO to facilitate the creation of an NCD Task force, to addressing pressing development concerns, due to the prevalence of NCDs in the Americas.


2004-2005: Adviser to the Government of the Republic of Suriname on Western Hemispheric   Affairs,   Government   of   the   Republic   of   Suriname, Embassy in Washington D.C. – U.S.A.

2001-2004: Political Adviser to the Secretary General of the OAS, Organization of

American States – Washington DC, U.S.A.


1999-2001:  Assistant Secretary General for Foreign and Community Relations, Caribbean Community Secretariat – Georgetown, Guyana


o Foreign Policy

o Community Relations


o  Summit of the Americas

o Trading arrangements between CARICOM and Cuba and the

Dominican Republic

1997-1999:   Ambassador & Permanent Representative of Suriname to the

Organization of American States

o Chair of the Permanent Council

o Chair of the Inter-American Council for Integral Development

o Chair of the CARICOM Caucus of Ambassadors

o Co-Chair High Level Technical Committee CARICOM-Central America on

promoting trade and investment, among other strategic policy objectives

1998-1999:   Non-resident Ambassador of the Republic of Suriname to Costa Rica

1997:             Political adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of


1995-1997:   Marketing Manager, BATCo Suriname, Paramaribo, Suriname

1993-1995:   Senior Adviser to the Minister of Trade and Industry of the Republic of


o Negotiations from GATT to WTO

o Structural Adjustment Program  o

Liason private sector of Suriname

o Member of Board of Directors of Port of Suriname

o Free Trade Negotiations of the Americas




1991-1993:    Coordinator, Hindoe-Moslim Co-financing Agency HIMOS, Oegstgeest, The Netherlands


1987-1991:    Policy Adviser Remigration Agency, TENASU, The Hague, The


Board Positions:


  1. 1. Member of the Board of Directors of the Institute of International Relations, Anton de Kom University of Suriname, Paramaribo, Suriname (2005-present)
  2. 2. Member of the Advisory Council of Virtual Educa, Washington DC, USA (2017- present)
  3. 3. Member of the Advisory Board of Solar Head of States, California, USA (2017-


  1. Member of the Board of Directors of the Institute of International Relations,

University of the West Indies, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago (2016-present)

  1. 5. Member of the Suriname Trade and Business Organization, VSB, Paramaribo,

Suriname (2018-present)

  1. 6. Principal Member of the Multi Stakeholder Group of the EITI, Paramaribo,

Suriname (2019-present)





MA (Drs.) Social Geography           Free University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


BSc Social Geography                     University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands




  1. 1. Development Economics University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  2. 2. State and Regional Problems

of Latin America                              University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands




Languages:                                     Dutch (native) English (excellent) Spanish (proficient)











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